Supercharge Your YouTube™ Viewing Experience.

Threelly SmartView is a lightweight Intelligent, Interactive and AI-powered Chrome Browser extension for YouTube.
Slice, save and share short/concise snippets to your favorite YouTube videos.

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The YouTube™ Experience We Wish For.

No need for a bulky software.

Threelly is a lightweight Chrome extension that lives in your browser. All the interaction happens natively within YouTube. No need to download cumbersome or complicated softwares.

Built for Quality.

Don't let the simplicity fool you. Slice, bookmark, annotate, share, and more. Threelly built to remove friction from interacting with video. Our commitment is to save you TIME. What you do with that extra time is up to you.

Share Instantly.

Sharing is caring. When you're finished slicing a video, grab a shareable link and share generously with your network. Interact with slices shared by others. Earn your influence.

Gain 3X More Insights.

Threelly light weight Chrome Extension reduces friction and allows you to watch 3x more videos, learn at 3x the speed & gain 3x more insights.

Take Charge of Your YouTube Experience!



Save your favourite snippets from video clips and lectures.



Share with precision the pieces of video content that resonate with you.



Interact and engage seamlessly with content shared by your peers.

3 of 4 YouTube Users Agree...

Watching very long videos is boring. Watching shorter snippets is much better. Get Chrome Extension

Why Threelly?

Here are even more ways Threelly can help you supercharge your interaction with online video content.

Fast & Lightweight

Nothing to download. The Chrome Extension allows for seamless integration with YouTube.

Simple & Easy

One video created. Many slices added and shared. Better engagement.

Free for You.

Sign up for Free and start using. Unlimited free slicing forever and ever.

Reliable & Robust

Simple design, rich interaction & intelligent algorithms. Patent pending technology.

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Sign up today! Everyone who signs up would be grandfathered in before our pricing feature is released. And; did you know? We will donate 1% of every sale to funding projects with

Early adopters love Threelly.

Threelly Chrome Extension lets you take control of the way you consume video content. Never miss an important point in your favorite online videos. Slice today with precision. Watch later with intention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things you should know about Threelly

  • Threelly is dedicated to helping individuals and brands consume video content better. We're building solutions to support a future where video consumption is flexible, intelligent and much more interactive.

  • We get this question a lot. Think of 1, 2, 3. A, B, C. Tic, Tac, Toe. Rock, paper, scissors. Things in Three's are easy. Threelly is about making knowledge easy. Hence the name"Threelly". In order words, Threelly = Simplicity.

  • Threelly is a companion to YouTube, NOT a competitor. Users can spend 50mins watching lengthy youtube videos. OR Users can watch the essential and meaningful portions of the same 50mins video in 5mins, which has been filtered for quality and essence, eliminating the noise - getting straight to the point. Users can begin with 5-minute essential slices and further decide to immerse themselves in the full 50-mins long content if they decide it's worth their time. If not, they can settle for the 5-mins brim if it soothes their heart, illuminates their minds, and matches the time they have to spare.

  • Absolutely NOT! Threelly compliments Youtube, filling in gaps, and creating a more expressive base for quality knowledge sharing. Youtube doesn't allow you to slice videos. We do. "Competition" doesn't descripe the relationship."Synergy" does.

  • It works by saving timestamps to your Threelly account. Users who aren't logged in will be taken to a login or signup page, after completing the process they will be redirected back to the original video with the selected timestamps of the video saved in their account.

  • Threelly SmartView is for you: 1. The discerning professional who wants to squeeze more out of each hour of the day, find essence, extract quality and obtain feedback from learning, discussions, presentations or debates. 2. The cunning student interested in nothing less than getting more in less time. 3. And for all of those prepared to boost their aptitude, learn more, become more knowledgeable with the BEST ideas from around the web, enjoy a good laugh from a curated standup comedy, discuss a poem or the lyrics to a one place in an organized fashion, Threelly will help you. Simply create a profile, subscribe, or become a curator - a sub-content organizer and creator - yourself.

  • YouTube hosts and controls all of that. We have no influence on Youtube settings. We only use Youtube publicly available APIs to embed and slice the videos. None of the videos live anywhere on our servers.

  • If you are a creator, then Threelly is a must have. 1 video watched once on youtube = 1 view / per user. On Threelly, 1 video with 14 slices potentially = 14 views / links / shares / per user / per video. Do the math! More views registering on your videos, in YouTubes eyes = more $$$ for you. We win only if you the content creators win.

  • Just click the INSTALL button and add the extension to your chrome browser. That's all. Then go to YouTube and you'd be ready to start slicing and sharing. (Of course, you'd need to be logged into your Threelly account).

  • The goal for Threelly is to be fully AI-powered. We've launched manual slicing as Phase 1 of that effort. We are still working on Phase 2 to integrate AI for automated slice recommendations personalized to your unique taste and viewing/slicing habits. Keep slicing. And you'd see it soon. Email us at [email protected] if you want to know more.

  • Please SHARE it - on facebook, twitter, instagram or linkedin. We're putting tremendous amount of effort into this; and we would really appreciate exposure to help us grow.


Threelly is dedicated to helping individuals and brands consume video content better. We're building solutions to support a future where video consumption is flexible, intelligent and much more interactive. Join thousands of users that have made Threelly extension their home for better interaction and engagement.

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